50ml / 70% Alcohol Tincture /     

Water dissolves 70% of useful substances in mushrooms, and alcohol 30%, but another ones. 

Made according to old recipes.
Ingredients: Wild Red-belt Polypore, 70 % Alcohol, spring water.

Need to take approximately 15...30 drops, add one table spoon of warm water and drink before 15...30 min before meal 3 times per day.

Of course, it is desirable to have consultation with doctor naturopath.

The Polypore Mushrooms


Of all the medicinal mushrooms, the polypores reign supreme, having been used for millennia. Polypores are more often incorporated into the pharmacopeia of native peoples than any other type of mushroom. Historically, cultures from tropical Amazonia to the extreme northern subpolar zones of Eurasia have discovered the power ofpolypores in preserving and improving human health.

Polypores have also figured prominently in the cosmological view of native peoples, often being referred to as sources of eternal strength and wisdom.

Red-belt polypore / Fomitopsis pinicola

The main medicinal properties of Red-belt Polypore:
- Well strengthens the immune system and stimulates brain activity;
- Quality fight of viral infections and inflammatory processes. It helps to cure tuberculosis, bronchitis, lung disease;
- It removes toxins from the body;
- Cope with diarrhea, hepatitis, dysentery, many intestinal diseases;
- Mushroom tincture is recommended for people suffering from diabetes (lower blood sugar);
- The fungus is effective in cardiovascular diseases as well as diseases of the urinary organs;
- Nutrients that make up, help stop the development of cancer.
Is used for weight loss - see recipe below.

The use in traditional medicine.
Included in the Red-belt Polypore alcohols have a positive effect on the body - support and improve overall health, regulate blood sugar, and also have antibacterial and antiseptic effect.
Traditional medicine of Japan, China and Korea are used for the treatment of nervous diseases (has a calming effect on the nervous system), disorders of the blood, heart disease, liver diseases, inflammatory diseases of different nature, violations of the gastrointestinal tract, urinary and gynecological diseases diseases.

Red-belt Polypore effectively fight viral and infectious diseases such as pneumonia, pleurisy, bronchitis, tuberculosis.
Displays toxins, thereby enhancing the body's defenses.
(By the way, all kinds of tinder rescued from poisoning toxins and successfully removes radionuclides).

Red-belt Polypore is used for the treatment of gastric and intestinal diseases, and dysentery, diarrhea, hepatitis, fevers.
It is used for both types of diabetes at all stages. People with diabetes can eat mushroom tincture (water or alcohol) to lower blood sugar.
The anti-hyperglycemic activity fungus substances, based on the direct effects on the pancreas, has been successfullystudied used to treat diabetes.
It has a regulating effect on blood cholesterol levels and reduces blood pressure.
The main properties of the drug from the Red-belt Polypore is the ability to activate the anti-cancer immunity of the body, to kill cancer cells in the blood that does not allow them to come together and change the location after undergoing surgery to remove a tumor.
It has antitumor activity in cancer of the esophagus, lung, nasopharynx, liver, and pancreas.
It inhibits metastasis in the postoperative period.
In combination with other anticancer drugs used in the treatment of fungus lung cancer.
It has a high antioxidant activity due to what is shown in the treatment of various diseases to enhance separation processes of toxic products of metabolism.
It has a high antifungal activity.
It has a pronounced antibacterial properties on pathogenic intestinal microflora, so is used to treat inflammatory diseases of the gastrointestinal tract of an infectious nature.
Mushroom is a unique treatment for benign prostatic hyperplasia and prostatitis, urinary incontinence and cystitis.

Red-belt Polypore is also taken to treat liver dysfunction and viral diseases, including hepatitis.
As noted above, the mushroom is used to treat obesity, in this respect it is superior to all means of traditional medicine. With this treatment you can normalize the body's metabolism. Action of fungus is very soft and does not "hit" other bodies, in particular the gallbladder. The fungus causes the liver to work properly, selectinf the necessary for the body's enzyme that breaks down fats.
In traditional medicine, mushrooms are used as a painkiller for rheumatism, as a sleep aid, as well as from headaches and nervousness.
Recipe: Need to take approximately 15...30 drops, add one table spoon of warm water and drink before 15...30 min before meal 3 times per day.

Contraindications and overdose:
Do not use the fungus in the following situations:
- Pregnancy and lactation;
- Individual intolerance;
- Children up to 5 years.
Despite the useful properties, it is necessary to be very careful and to adhere to the required dosage. Better before using to consult your doctor. Usually, an overdose can be shown in dizziness, nausea and vomiting, swelling of face and lips, sightings hallucinations are observed.

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Wild Red-belt Polypore

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