50ml Silver Fir Needle Oil  
Botanical Name: Abies siberica.
Plant Part: Needles.
Extraction Method: Steam distillation.
Origin: Siberia.
Description: Fir needle essential oil comes from the Pinus type tree which grows in wide areas of the Siberia.

Fir oil is a mixture of volatile matters with high bioactivity (pinene, camphene, carene, bornyl acetate, sentene) that have a complex effect on a human body:
- Fir oil volatile matters have a microbicidal action on pathogenic organisms, especially aurococcus;
- Fir oil volatile matters have an anti-inflammation effect and local painkilling effect on joint pains and after traumas;
- Fir oil volatile matters facilitate expectoration and ease breathing during ARVI and flu;
- Fir oil volatile matters accelerate metabolism and enhance blood circulation;
- Fir oil volatile matters ease muscle discomfort after physical loads;
- Fir oil volatile matters have antioxidant properties, slow down skin aging;
- Fir oil volatile matters ease nervous tension.

 Fir essential oil is not recommended to be taken:
      - With hypersensitivity;
By epileptics;
With acute kidney diseases;
With stomach or intestine ulcers;
With gastritis and excess acidity;
By pregnant and breastfeeding women;
By children above 2 years old.

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50mls Silver Fir needle oil

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