Siberia (Altai region)

We are proud to present our business partner in Russia - the ''SPK'' Ltd. The production company “SPK” is located in the city of Perm (Russia), Ural and borders with the Siberian region and Altai.

A good geographical position allows to use the gifts of nature of the Altai Mountains - reserves of shilajit, Siberian and Ural taiga - silver fir and mushrooms, Altai - healing herbs and wild plants.

Untouched nature away from industrial centers allows to harvest hundreds of types of raw materials.

The company specializes in the harvesting of raw materials, production and sale of semi-finished, finished healthy food products, using innovative processing methods.

In work the company also uses the production facilities of technologically developed farms in remote areas of taiga and enterprises, related to the theme “ingredients and healthy food”.

The nature of the Altai Mountains gives an invaluable product the coprolitic shilajit, surpassing in the content of extractive substances indicators of the Himalayan counterpart (production of Nepal, India). In addition to shilajit resin (thick homogeneous mass, obtained traditionally by boiling), the company produces CO2 extract of shilajit (concentrated extract, liquid soluble in vegetable oils) and powder with good water solubility.

The Siberian region with endless taiga is a source of conifer kinds raw materials. The technology of producing oils (silver fir, pine, spruce) is based on steam extraction of essential oils without the use of chemical reagents.

Taiga also provides an opportunity to harvest a large assortment of both edible mushrooms (white mushroom, chanterelle, brown-cap boletus, orange-cap boletus, suillus), and the increasingly popular healing mushroom Chaga.

It is known that China is a major seller of products from Chaga, but Siberia and Ural are the main suppliers for it.

The Altai region, with its rich nature and rare plants in other countries, provides a preparation of raw materials for the medical, cosmetic and food industries.

Altai is a major supplier of Ivan-tea / Willow tea, sea buckthorn, rhodiola rosea, oregano, thyme and many dozens of other herb kinds.