• 200g Chaga Powder

Manual ground / The healing properties of Chaga are well-known - it heals and most importantly, prevents a very serious illness!

I am getting a lot of questions from buyers in different countries and I want to briefly introduce you to the peculiarities of my powder:
Very often people ask "What is the difference between Chaga in your region and Chaga from other countries?"
Baltic countries have one of the highest ratings in ecology of the world;
Winters are cold and summers are hot. These conditions are essential for the quality of the mushrooms.
Countries have no harmful industrial sites production and there is no development of agriculture.
Nuclear accidents and catastrophes have never happened in their region.

-  “How do you process and dry the mushrooms?”
Chaga is dried at a temperature of about 38 degrees of Celsius and without sun exposure;
The powder is ground by hands and their particle size is up to 4mm. Manual grinding Does NOT DESTROY the valuable components of the mushroom!
I understand that Chaga is a living mushroom so I am treating it with care.
In manual grinding visually visible the components of the mushroom and it is not mixed with substandard parts or wood!

 - Does your Chaga give extra strength?
 Yes, that is true! At first, I tested it myself – and now I’m a completely healthy person. After one week of taking it, I felt completely refreshed, especially in the hot summer.  Also, I have increased mental and physical performance.
Therefore, I’ve even noticed another interesting point - personally I began to feel that I was not hungry! I just understand that it is necessary to take food (to get other microelements), but I did not feel the hunger, when I was drinking Chaga tea!
This advice probably can help who wants to lose weight.
However, please make sure that you drink tea from Chaga powder  regularly - several times during the day and for a few weeks.

I truly believe in the healing properties of this forest mushroom Chaga!

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200g Chaga Powder

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