• Sage powder
50g Sage powder 
Sage contains:
- essential oils;
- alkaloids;
- flavonoids;
- tanning substances;
- acids (oleanolic, ursolic);
- linoleic acid glycerides;
- vitamins А, С, group В;
- minerals (calcium, manganese, iron, zinc, magnesium).
Medicinal properties:
- Treatment of throat, oral cavity and bronchi inflammatory diseases;
- Sanitation, skin cells regeneration (frost bites, burns, pustular diseases);
- Regeneration of liver cells, reduction of gallbladder inflammation;
- Gastrointestinal tract disorders treatment (improvement of digestion, reduction of spasms and abdominal distention);
- Strengthening of the immune system, boosting energy;
- Enhance hair growth, improvement of blood circulation in scalp, reduce hair loss;
- Fighting depression, regulation of nervous processes (insomnia, stress);
- Improvement of endocrine system performance;
- Good effect on sweating legs.
Do not take Sage drugs longer than 3 months, it facilitates the accumulation of the substances that have a harmful effect on kidneys
Do not give Sage drugs to children, thujone has a bad effect on children’s nervous system
Do not use Sage if you have kidney cystic disease, it can lead to additional cysts formation
Do not take Sage during pregnancy, breastfeeding, hypertension, hypotension.

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Sage powder

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