Shilajit powder / CO-2 extract / Altai - Siberia / Mumio Russian 

The biologically active additive “Shilajit” collected in remote areas of the Altai Mountains.

Raw Shilajit is both an organic and mineral product of natural and biological origin, which also has the names mountain balm, mountain pitch, stone oil. It has a black color and its own specific smell. It is created by nature, soil, rock, plants, some animals and microorganisms are involved.

Application area:

- recommended as an additive in teas, juices, milk, as a biologically active food supplement, the source of a complex of trace elements, minerals and acids.

- recommended for external use in the form of compresses, tinctures, ointments.


Country of origin: Russia / Altai.

Minimum purchase lot: 3kg.

For wholesale orders, please contact us or

The product has the necessary certificates and permits for importation into the EU countries.

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Shilajit powder

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